hello delegators!

welcome to the shagalicious avalanche node validator page!
as you can see, i'm not a web designer but a sysdmin, a linux expert and a devops but most of all a blockchain enthusiast :)

you are welcome to stake your avax here: NodeID-CM5KJnEvKQfjFirjbUzHa7WbanH6dLHva /!\ DO NOT SEND FUNDS /!\

You can follow the official staking tutorial.

- avalanche is a carbon neutral, cheap and fast blockchain
- avalanche node application is simple to install, run and keep up
- i usually lock my fund for a 3 months run so i can pay for the node fees
- my node is located in France and hosted by online.net/scaleway which use sustainable energy, you can check scaleway's co2 score here, by zooming on Paris
- i use free tool like Debian, Docker, Ansible, Gitlab and more
- i mostly do it for fun and to contribute to the future of finance, let's take our power back!

what make shalicious node different?
my host is a 12 CPU core, avalanchego is quite low on CPU needs, so the rest of the cpu power is dedicated to the folding@home project, you can check my stats here

you can find more info here https://foldingathome.org
you can use this awesome docker image if you want to contribute: https://docs.linuxserver.io/images/docker-foldingathome

you can also delegate some NYM on the shagalicious mixnode :)

you can check my stats here

Select the identity Key: 7cpBwQ8n9gheMgZ29qHoHxN3kgraBYtSjmpmEKmgS8W2 /!\ DO NOT SEND FUNDS /!\ when delegating in your NYM wallet.

If you don't know about NYM yet, take a look on the official website.
you can take a look at this article which is about selecting and delegating to a mixnode.

Happy staking :)

<3 made with love with codium <3